Another client uses You Make the Difference

You Make the Difference, the video based workshop fires people up to go the extra mile and gives them the insights into how their behaviour, words and actions can shift the service experience from good to great. CCL Logistics are the latest

17th June 2015

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Walking the talk?

A very tired cliché from a dead European philosopher or an Eastern sage is a sure sign that the owner of a tedious presentation is grasping at the coat tails of gravitas or desperately trying to find a candle in the

15th June 2015

Moments of Truth

As you read these words your people are generating “moments of truth” with your customers. “Moments of truth” are any interaction with anyone or receiving anything from your company. They are the delivery of the job, the product or the

12th June 2015

Film Crew


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Unique Programmes

Created over many years and continually updated these programmes are unique. Unique because they help you to create your distinctive way of operating, delivering value for your customers and leading your people.

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Consulting & Advising

The most challenging aspect of any business is making strategic changes. That’s what Eric Flannigan supports and excels at, he has helped scores of company leaders make change happen.

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