Client Outcomes and Opinions

Here are some examples of outcomes from client companies:

  • Biggest annual spend with any one customer in history of business
  • Biggest contract ever in 2014 and superseded soon after.
  • Over 20 % pa growth in past three years (to end 2014).
  • Won the biggest roofing refurbishment contract in UK in 2012
  • Best highest scoring supplier/contractor to Network rail in 2013
  • 20% plus growth p.a. over past 5 years
  • Biggest annual spend with one customer
  • Became a national player with national contracts
  • Central to strategic growth from £25M to £140M within 5 years
  • Business sold for value greater than industry multiplier

Unlike other consultants, you can actually see Eric’s effect! It’s real and it improves not only the service but the business performance as well. He also has the ability to engage with people at all levels in the company and that was a major impact in helping to make the connection between their behaviour and outstanding service.

Chris Nugent, Managing Director, Palmaris

The work we did on sharing our leadership agendas was a massive step forward. We would never have done this ourselves. You enabled us to look at ourselves and each other. We were then much more able to communicate openly and comfortably about the way ahead for all of us. You didn’t theorise about it but brought it back to individual experiences and applications.

Everyone values the personal and private nature of the one to ones – they have helped enormously.

Lindsay Campbell, Managing Director, Grant Management

I have known and worked with Eric for many years. He intimately understands the challenges and realities of achieving growth and change in small to medium sized businesses.

We particularly value his perspectives on the need for organisational change if you are to achieve successful strategy implementation – and, of course, on how to make that change happen. The nub of the issues is, of course, leadership and the strategies and tactics that management teams need to adopt in order to achieve successful change. Eric excels in working with boards and senior management teams to plan and implement strategic change – making a positive impact both on how the team operates and the leadership behaviour of individual team members.

Bill Loch, Strategic Development Director, Asco Ltd

Eric’s involvement has helped us grow a stronger development team which can now focus on the key areas that will have the biggest impact and which add the highest level of value to the business. That sounds simple but it has involved looking at how we get the best from our people, where our key competitive strengths lie , how we can put together a strategy for growth and most importantly ensuring that we are action orientated.

Eric’s involvement in all of this has been as a mentor, coach, source of information, confidant and friend. All of which a lonely Managing Director needs at times.

Allan Ross, Managing Director, First Independent Finance

I’ve found that the one to ones always leave me motivated, very focused and very clear about what I need and want to do. The language that Eric uses is not management speak, it is language that is understandable and that I can use!

Looking back over the past two to three years since I started using this, I can see how much I and we have changed but it’s been subtle, over time. It’s all to the good.

Alastair Wallace, Partner, Thomas and Adamson

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