The workshop features two scenarios – one where a technician and a manager deliver just OK service and another scenario where they are doing much, much better.

This video based workshop will power your people to go the extra mile armed with the key insights into the behaviours, attitudes and communication of excellent service.



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“I have been particularly impressed by the level of feedback from the team, they thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the workshops and they commented that it was a great format which made them think about how they act. 

A number of the team said they have never been on anything like this before and it gives a us a great platform for showing in clear black and white terms, exactly how we can all make a difference to our customers.

Eric has been very supportive and provided key advice in terms of getting the most out of the workshop. I can’t wait to roll out across my other contracts.  It is without a doubt, the most effective ‘tool’ that I have used whilst working at Europa. I can’t wait to roll it out to my other accounts.”

Paul Ashton, Account Director at L’Oreal for Europa Bilfinger Services.

“The value of it lasts and lasts. I see something new in it every time I watch. We are using it for induction now so that new people really get what the GP Way is about. The great thing about the video is that these characters could be working for us. They are so real!”

Jimmy Gilchrist, Managing Director, GP Plantscape.


The best way to find out more is to give me a call or drop me an email.

M: 07802446959
T: 01415718614


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